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Since the emergence and recognition of asphalt as road and building material in 625BC, this marvel construction material has gained popularity worldwide and found many applications, including driveways, walking paths, parking lots, roadways, and airstrips, among other commercial uses. In recent times, asphalt has extended to parks, dams, drainage, reservoir, and lining the base of retention ponds and waterproofing surfaces and walls.

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As asphalt continues to gain more recognition and applications in the construction industry, there is no better time to discuss the importance of finding a professional asphalt paving company for projects in Illinois — and that’s where Paving Pros come in.

We undertake asphalt installation, repairs, and resurfacing; for driveways and airport runways, full parking lots and driveway maintenance, parking lot seal coating, striping and marking, and concrete works, including drainage, utilities, and excavating.

Asphalt Installation

We offer affordable and quick asphalt installations. Our asphalt paving skillset and craftsmanship in Illinois is the most economical and ideal paving method to use. It is fast and least disruptive to traffic during construction and will provide many years of service without making you lose sleep over reaching deep into your pockets to fund maintenance.

Quality asphalt paving work can add value to homes and commercial buildings. Our professional team has years of experience and can undertake all asphalt paving projects and deliver perfection.

Resurfacing / Overlays

Asphalt Overlays and resurfacing

While it is true that asphalt is an economical, flexible, durable, and safe construction material, It still gets its fair share of hammering from the elements and is prone to damage from prolonged use, overbearing load, and exposure to harsh chemicals. All of this hinders asphalt installations’ performance — hence the need for maintenance and repairs.

We are skilled at patching potholes and cracks and restoring failed asphalt surfaces (including driveways, and parking lots)  to maximize performance while addressing safety concerns and appearance. Our approach to asphalt maintenance is fast and cost-effective — we offer custom solutions tailored to satisfy your needs within your budget.


Are you looking for a durable driveway to last the test of time?  Then asphalt is the right material for you.  With the harsh winters and salt used to break up the snow, a concrete drive typically will crack and need to be replaced sooner than an asphalt driveway.  An asphalt drive, installed properly will last the test of weather and time.

If your driveway does have cracks or breaks in it, the cost to fix it is affordable.  Instead of replacing the entire driveway, you can repair the bad section of the driveway.

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Do you need help with drainage? Paving Pros is at your service to promote rapid drainage from your property. We can replace damaged concrete sections of your drainage and perform asphalt overlay operations to meet your specific need. Whatever your concrete drainage and pavement needs are, we are always available to help you deal with the situation.

In addition to affordable and quick asphalt installations, we also offer our expertise in drainage systems. Having water sitting on asphalt surfaces (puddles) compromises the installation’s performance and eventually leads to deterioration and the formation of cracks and potholes. We can help businesses and municipalities save on the burden of fixing avoidable drainage faults by providing custom and proven drainage solutions.

Parking Lots / Roadways

Parking lots are one of the first things that your customers see when they visit your business. Looking for the entrance or for the closest handi-capped spot.

Parking lots and spaces are essential to the smooth running of cities and municipalities because they aid transportation. However, because of the high traffic and around-the-clock usage they receive from residents every day, the need for parking lot maintenance shouldn’t be shoved aside or overlooked.

At Paving Pros we own all of our equipment, this allows for us to do all of your asphalt paving for your parking lot. From the installation of the asphat to repairing pot holes and cracks, you can be sure we get the job done right.

Asphalt Maintenance & Repairs

Improper or the lackadaisical handling of parking lot maintenance can significantly increase the financial liability of facility managers and business owners as potholes and cracks can result in a slip, trips, and falls. These can also result in losing lives, especially among older folks. Common parking lot maintenance activities include sweeping and cleaning to unveil faults on paved surfaces for timely repairs.

Others include the removal of spilled chemicals and leaked vehicle fluids that weaken pavements. We also do car stops, drainage basins and signage, bollard poles and covers, speed bumps, and other traffic control measures in parking lots, including handrails. We undertake complete parking lot assessments as per our client’s demand. This involves inspecting parking lot drainage after heavy downpours — this with quick identification of vulnerable spots that could crumble and compromise asphalt surfaces in parking spaces in schools, hotels, hospitals, banks, and other commercial and public places.

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